1. Introduction

This section will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

If the answer you require is not here please contact your course co-ordinator via email (refer to the help sections on the main site).

2. How do I get my Final Summative Assessment Results?

Check the main NCEF website at www.ncef.ie.

Your official University of Limerick results will be available on the UL website following UL Examinations Board in June and December. Exact dates and detail will be provided to you.

3. How long do I have from when I start the Module before I take my Final Summative Assessment?

Your course co-ordinator will have provided you with a final date in any case. Should you have forgotten this date or didn’t receive it, please contact your co-ordinator via email (refer to the help sections on the main site).

4. What is an ECTS System?

The ECTS Credit System is a systematic way of describing an educational programme by attaching credits to its componenets.

The definition of credits in higher education systems may be based on different parameters, such as student workload, learning outcomes and contact hours.

5. What does ECTS stand for?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

is a student-centered system based on the student work-load required to achieve the objectives of a programme, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competencies to be acquired.

6. What good are ECTS Credits?

ECTS makes study programmes easy to read and compare for all students, local and international.

ECTS facilitates mobility and academic recognition. ECTS helps universities to organise and revise their study programmes. ECTS can be used across a variety of programmes and modes of delivery. ECTS makes European higher education more attractive for students from other continents.

7. How and when do I take my Final Assessment?

You mustsit your assessment with your course on the dates given to you on your timetable.

8. What grade do I need to pass my Final Summative Assessment?

Under the UL grading system a minimum of 45% (C3 Grade) is required to pass assessments.

9. Who can I contact to get support?

Your co-ordinator should be your first contact with all queries either technical or relating to module content.
If the co-ordinator cannot answer your query, s/he will put you in contact with someone who will be able to help you.

10. How long will it take for my emails to be answered?

Your co-ordinator will attempt to answer your queries within 24 hours Mon-Fri, but please allow 48 hours.

11. What can I do if I can't contact my co-ordinator?

In the unlikely event that you cannot contact your co-ordinator, you can contact
NCEF Head Office:
phone: +353 (0)61 202 829 or
email: ncef@ul.ie

12. What happens if I fail my repeat exams or I don't turn up for them?

In accordance with NCEF Programmes, Policies and Procedures, should a student choose not to avail of the offered repeat date, be unsuccessful in any repeat examination or be incomplete in any modules from 1 - 10, the student will automatically be de-registered from the CEHF Programme at the end of the academic year.

Please note that re-registration will incur additional fees.


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